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The assembled AWA Wall System has been tested against the requirements of the INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL and has received the highest (BEST) rating available, Class A, for flame spread and smoke density.A Certified Laboratory Test Report is Available.

why awa?

Rooms that WOW Are 100% Made in the USA


THE PRODUCT: When you remodel or refinish, we deliver a wall system that is not only “green” and healthy for the environment but one of the most technologically advanced available.  For instance, the beautiful fabrics we use are up to 100% recycled polymer..  The adhesive that bonds the fabric to the fiberglass insulation board is water-based and contains NO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).  The insulation board contains at least 25% recycled glass.  Noise pollution in a home or office environment can be annoying.  The system walls absorb up to 80% of the noise, making the environment calm and inviting.

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the environment

Your Acoustic Wall Alternatives basement, office, commercial space or home theater is specifically designed to provide you a healthy space where you, your family and friends, or clients will be comfortable and impressed.  Unlike most drywall basements, AWA basements are mildew and mold resistant.  The design of the wall system uses insulation board as part of the structure, reducing the energy / carbon footprint to warm or cool the living space.  The system is inherently quiet because of the great acoustic properties, absorbing up to 80% of the scattered sound.


So whether you are improving your office, installing a high end home theater, or you want a buffer from the noise of the day-to-day, Acoustic Wall provides a quiet, designer beautiful, and valuable living and working space.


  • Affordably Elegant
  • Clean, Fast Installation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Suppresses Noise
  • Will WOW your friends or clients